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About Us

Founded in 2021 in the heart of Cebu, Marquesa creates from the strength of women pack – the allure of diversified vision. The brand’s philosophy is focused on designs FOR WOMEN BY WOMEN.

The brand’s goal is to amplify women from all sizes and shapes through their thoughtfully made wearable pieces. MARQUESA apparels channel both feminine and fancy, exude elegance and ease, and serve as a perfect canvas for a woman to express her personal style.

Kim Almodiel-Prosevicius and Her Noble Pursuit with Marquesa

by Micah Almazan

As a nascent 30-year-old, I have a deep appreciation for Disney’s classic fairytales like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. They are gorgeous films that serve a whole lot of nostalgia that feel like a much-needed snuggle after a long day of adulting. But today, society raises its eyebrow at these traditional “boy-saves-girl” stories and encourages “girl-saves-herself” narratives instead. Marquesa by Kim Almodiel-Prosevicius is one brand that practices this principle of women empowerment—it is that modern fairytale and more.

The Precept and Process of Marquesa

According to Google, “marquesa” is a title of nobility that refers to a Spanish marchioness. This definition encapsulates the femininity and originality of Marquesa, drawing inspiration from Victorian fashion and marrying it with contemporary silhouettes. 

For Kim, the meaning is also personal since it is the name of her niece whom she has a special bond with. She loved her dear niece’s name so much that she decided to use it as her brand name, perfectly representing everything that Kim stands for, which is women empowerment above all else. This term gets thrown around a lot and tends to seem disingenuous. I personally cringe sometimes, but Marquesa is truly steadfast in its belief that every woman deserves to feel beautiful by listening to their clients and creating apparel that serves them. “Whatever we do, whatever shape or size we’re in, Marquesa has a piece for us that makes us feel beautiful, confident, empowered, and proud,” Kim proudly shares.

Kim has an in-house team of highly experienced seamstresses who bring her sketches to life. It is her goal to bring back the glory days of these incredible women and highlight their craftsmanship skills. 

While Kim likes to make clothes that, according to her, “wow the crowd,” they also have to function: “It has to serve you,” she emphasizes. She highlights functionality as an important aspect because her clients are modern women who “don’t just stay at home,” Kim says. She continues, “We travel, we work, we socialize, we even lead. That means we should have a working wardrobe.”

Marquesa occupies a unique space in the market as a cross between an RTW shop and a bespoke boutique. They have limited off-the-rack garbs that can be altered according to the client’s measurements, and they also create bespoke pieces from scratch as long as the design reflects the Marquesa aesthetic and vision. Marquesa’s top priority is to address and satisfy their customers’ specific needs with genuine thought and care.

Keeta PH, 2022

Kim’s love for art comes from her mother, Floreta—obsessed with her name!—a teacher and multidisciplinary artist who sketches, draws, paints, and plays instruments. As a child, Kim got hold of Floreta’s compilation of her artworks and fell in love with them. She dove into the world of art and started joining art contests. Fun fact: almost all of the paintings in Tales & Feelings are Kim’s work. 

Her interest in fashion goes as far as her childhood as well. Both her mother and grandmother would make her and her sisters’ clothes. The girls would always look forward to church where they could wear and show off their Sunday’s best.

Keeta PH, 2022